USD 456 is proud to announce that on June 16th, the Kansas Board of Regents will recognize Marais des Cygnes Valley High School as a 2022 APPLY Kansas All Star High School award winner! According to the Kansas Board of Regents:

The All Star High School program seeks to recognize and encourage a set of best practice, postsecondary activities to be scheduled throughout a single school year. Each year the Kansas Board of Regents will recognize high schools in the APPLY Kansas campaign that program two additional college preparation events in addition to their APPLY Kansas application event. This series of events, continued in consecutive years, helps create a college going environment for the whole school community. The ALL Star program builds on the APPLY Kansas mission to increase college access by continuing through the application process. Students in these schools receive assistance in completing applications for admission, seeking financial assistance, and then seeing that all postsecondary paths are valued and celebrated.

The APPLY Kansas campaign requires high schools to host a college application event during or around the month of October each year. These events give students time and support during their school day to complete applications for universities, community colleges, technical colleges, or other training programs. Students interested in the military or going directly into the workforce complete their military applications or job applications during these events as well. While the lessons and support with the APPLY Kansas event alone will encourage students to begin their post-graduation plans, the All Star High School program encourages a best practice postsecondary education model that includes two additional postsecondary preparation events throughout the same school year.

All Star High Schools chose to host the following three events in the same academic year:
1. APPLY Kansas Application Event (October)
2. FAFSA Completion Event (October-February)
3. College Signing/National Decision Day (May)

USD 456 is thrilled that Marais des Cygnes Valley High School is among only fifty-four Kansas high schools to have qualified as 2022 APPLY Kansas All Star High Schools. Thank you to JH/HS Counselor Mrs. Emily McCullough for leading the building through this process! We look forward to receiving our certificate and banner from KBOR, recognizing MDCV High School's choice to go above and beyond the scope of the APPLY Kansas program and the efforts to support our students throughout the year in the college planning process.