Last fall, the district site council met to discuss their role within the Kansas Educational Systems Accreditation process, review the operations of the district, learn more about the action plan for the school year, and how members can contribute to that action plan. 

Based upon trends learned from this fall's parent engagement survey, the District Site Council crafted action steps to increase stakeholder engagement within the district. 

Two of those steps were: 

  • Provide information to community highlighting "involvement opportunities"
  • Disseminate information on "parent advocacy" and the school's role

As part of this process, the attached flyer has been crafted to provide a quick reference on how parents can become more involved in their student's education and school experience.

Upon review of this document, parents are encouraged to seek out these opportunities either at the school building level or at the district office level.

Parent engagement and involvement in schools is an integral part of a successful school district. Parent involvement is greatly encouraged and welcomed at Marais des Cygnes Valley - contact a school administrator today!