USD 456 Board Members

January is School Board Recognition Month, a great opportunity to say thank you to the USD 456 - Marais des Cygnes Valley Board of Education who are committed to the success of every student in our community.

Our board of education members are: President - Greg McCurdy, Vice President - Jamie Sowers, Mark Lacey, Beth Weimer, Caleb McNally, Mike Ragan, and Joe Arb.

These seven community leaders volunteer countless hours attending meetings, reading reports and discussing plans and programs to support educational achievement.

Our board members develop policies and make complex decisions that shape the future of our education system. They are accountable for an annual budget over $4 million, 200 students, 40 employees and multiple properties.

A board member’s responsibility goes far behind the monthly meeting, however. They continuously serve as an extension of the district, answering stakeholder questions, connecting community members, and advocating for future students of the district.

We are grateful to have this opportunity to formally say ‘thank you’ to each of them and we encourage the entire community to thank a school board member, not only this month but throughout the entire year.