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2016 Homecoming

Grace Bradley

Homecoming week for the Marais des Cygnes Valley Trojans kicked off on September 11. This year’s Homecoming theme was based on the movie Varsity Blues, a popular football movie. The StuCo members and cheerleaders organized the . . . read more

Students Learn About Instrument Repair

Johnny Goddard and Nocona Brinkley had the opportunity to go to Flint Hills Music in Emporia to learn about instrument repair and maintenance.  Johnny and Nocona have been helping music instructor Kris Brenzikofer go through the school . . . read more

Indian Musician to perform

Sandip Burman is a native of Durgapur, India and is an accomplished tabla player.  He is the first generation and without the backing of a reupated musical heritage, it is an unyielding deciation and enthusiasm that has driven him to . . . read more

Hutchinson Salt Mines

By Scoggin, Sandy

We found out that the mine is about 650 feet below the surface, and the salt deposits were formed from shallow inland seas that dried up and left large amounts of salt about 250 million years ago. To put that into perspective, the mine is . . . read more

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