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Students Learn About Instrument Repair

Johnny Goddard and Nocona Brinkley had the opportunity to go to Flint Hills Music in Emporia to learn about instrument repair and maintenance.  Johnny and Nocona have been helping music instructor Kris Brenzikofer go through the school owned instruments to determine which instruments need to be sent in for summer repair and cleaning.  While at the musc store they learned a little more about what to look for and how to do some basic maintenance on some of the instruments.

Johnny learned about how to remove dents from brass instruments.  His baritone had a pretty large crease in the bell (not caused by Johnny) and repairman Jon showed him how they roll dents out of the bells of brass instruments.  For trumpets they actually have a mold that they but inside the bell to help reshape it but for a larger instrument like a baritone, it requires hand shaping using a roller.  Johnny also learned how to remove dents from the tubing of the instruments using different sized metal balls and a very high powered magnet.  Jon showed them brass instruments with red rot which is when the brass is basically being eaten away from the inside of the instrument.  "Red rot is like the cancer of the brass world," Jon said.   Nocona and Johnny also got to see how brass instruments are cleaned ultrasonically.

Nocona was able to help with some of the repairs on her bass clarinet.  Repairwoman Jennifer explained how the endpin fits into the bell of a bass clarinet and showed Nocona why her endpin kept slipping.  They then used a leak light to check for leaky pads or keys not closing completely which effects how the instrument plays.  Nocona got to help replace a pad on her instrument and tried her hand at straightening a bent screw that feed through one of the long key rods found on saxophones and bass clarinets.  She also worked with Jennifer on troubleshooting why the neck on the school's other bass clarinet was so hard to get in.  Nocona and Johnny learned about pad mites and got to see the damage they can do to instruments as well as seeing an alto saxophone and a clarinet completely disassembled.

A huge thank you to Jon and Jennifer at Flint Hills Music for taking the time to teach us about instrument repair!!!!!

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